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Is Your Head Ready to Explode, Too?

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By all manner of reporting, we've got a madman in the White House who won't listen to reason, who won't even listen to his advisers, who thinks he's always right, who's on a mission from god, and appears to be dragging you and me into another war.

It's a familiar litany. I could go on, but you've heard it all before. All of us have. America has heard and rejected everything he stands for. But the more I'm confronted by his madness, the more frustrated I get. Yes, I'm frustrated with the Demos, but at least they're trying SOMETHING.

What remedies are before me (besides drugs)? If I read progressive writing online, I get frustrated. If I listen to progressive talk radio, I get frustrated. Even if I watch Keith Olbermann and Amy Goodman I get frustrated. No manner of reporting, talking complaining changes anything.

Wait until January 2009? Don't even remind me. As the vermin leave (if they don't cancel the election) they will write presidential orders to further damage America. Time passes slowly when your country is being raped.

Turn off to it? Impossible.

It's a nightmare from which I can't awaken.

Got any ideas?

p.s. Don't tell me to go out and work for progressive candiates, I live in Oregon..