Obama Symbolizes America

05/25/2011 12:25 pm ET
  • Tom D'Antoni Editor-In-Chief of Oregon Music News, Journalist, TV producer, radio DJ, author

Obama, the transcendent symbol, is more important than Obama, the progressive politician.

Obama may look black, may self-identify black because of his features, but he is truly an African-American. Anyone, including other blacks, who call him black, well they're just missing the point. He is a mixed-race American. He loves his white family. He loves his black family. It shows.

White folks sense this. Black folks take comfort in this, no matter how they might appear on the surface.

His demeanor is mixed. His vocabulary is mixed. He is a part of us, one of us all, and therefore the perfect person to unite those of us who long for a just and equal society.

The haters are out with their knives. We will beat them back this time. They must not be allowed to steal America from us again. This time there are too many of us.

Hillary Clinton must get out of the way of the march of history.

I don't expect Obama to solve all the problems. I expect him to fail at trying to solve many, even most of them. The forces arrayed against justice and good are mighty. What he will do is to set a new agenda, create a new climate in ways we can't even imagine...and he may not be able to at this point either.

Let's not forget that he is both a lawyer and a politician, that's two strikes against him in my book. But I look around at some of the politicians from here in Oregon and I think, well...things are possible.

Things have been impossible under the Republicans.

I'll feel much better when the "bad Hillary" is beating up on Republicans in a few weeks.

I'm not young and I'm not idealistic, but I know hope when I see it.