Obama: The Man Who Can Do Everything!

09/07/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

President Obama never ceases to amaze us at what he can do.

Apparently he is a Communist Nazi Socialist Muslim Christian White Black Racist who was born in two places at once.

He is able to generate new government health care programs designed to kill people while at the same time presiding over existing government health care programs which provide doctors and medicine to the same people who don't want government health care but who would scream even louder if they lost it.

He can restore America's stature abroad while at the same time plotting to destroy America at home.

Man, that cat can do ANYTHING!

And he's Black, too. Well, half of him is. And that's way too much for a small Southern-ized portion of America. That's the portion who, last time we checked, used lynching as a tool of social control and spent most of its energy keeping their immediate surroundings, as well as their pea-brains as White as possible.

He probably wants to end Social Security as we know it so those old folks will die off even faster than they would if his government agents were knocking on doors asking, "Gramma, would you like a nice big bottle of pills? All you have to do is take them all at the same time. Oh, and may we have your liver and kidneys when you've finished?"

It wasn't the Black guy who wanted to end Social Security as we know it? It was the White guys who are now yelling how the Black guy wants to kill old people?

Oh yeah. Sorry.

Isn't it convenient that such a concentrated group of people, armed with lies, are able to focus their hatred and ill-will on one man? Well, we Leos sure like to be noticed.

Know what I'm noticing? I'm noticing the ridicule these poor people have set themselves up for.

Rush and Fox must never stop laughing.