03/25/2008 04:41 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sen. Clinton's Own Religious Cult Includes Brownback, Santorum

Given Sen. Clinton's remarks today concerning Sen. Obama's choice of pastor, it's about time the cult of religious fanatics to which she belongs got wider notice. In September of last year Mother Jones ran this piece about The Fellowship, a group to which she belongs and which includes right wing fanatics such as former Sen. Santorum and noted bigot Sen Brownback.

It's time she stepped down. She has done nothing but embarrass herself and the Democratic Party, driving deep divisions that may cost the election and result in a disaster unlike we have yet to imagine.

The ruling class, having profited hugely from their puppet, the current President, has totally bought off Sen. McCain. He wants to cut their taxes further, continue their war, continue policies that will never reverse climate change and leave us with even less health care then before.

Sen. Clinton is part of the same crowd. She is not to be believed. Use the word, "dissemble " or "disingenuous," if you will, but let's call it what it really is. She's a liar, most recently about her trip to Bosnia.

Read that Mother Jones article carefully and then send it out to all your friends, especially the Clinton supporters. It's shocking.

She is not a progressive, she isn't even a liberal. She's more of the same, and prays alongside religious lunatics. She has no right to criticize Obama, her fellow cultists have done more damage to this country than any lone African-American preacher could ever dream of, even if he wanted to.

Sen. Obama doesn't have to project what it would be like to run against a Republican, he's running against one from his own party.

NOTE: I just rechecked the link to Mother Jones and it works for me.