02/04/2009 10:26 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Big endorsement for Geoghegan

From Julie Sweet and Kathy, Tom Geoghegan for Congress:

Today, acclaimed journalist and political activist Don Rose publicly declared his support for Tom Geoghegan for Congress. Rose calls Geoghegan "a truly remarkable progressive running with a life-long record of writings and actual deeds that put him head and shoulders above all the rest."

Don Rose has long been one of Chicago's great progressive voices, and the Geoghegan campaign is honored to have Mr. Rose's support. Indeed, it would not be too much of a stretch to call Don Rose a living legend. In the more than 45 years he has spent as a journalist and political activist and consultant, Rose has rarely been far from the white-hot center of Chicago's progressive politics.

When Dr. Martin Luther King launched his famous crusade for integrated housing in Chicago in 1966, Rose served as his press secretary. Time and again, Don Rose was instrumental in the success of political candidates who fought, and, against extremely heavy odds, beat, the Chicago machine. Elected officials whom he has advised include former mayors Jane Byrne and Harold Washington and former U.S. senator Paul Simon. He is a founding member of Chicagoans Against the War in Iraq (now known as Chicagoans Against War and Injustice), which was formed a year before America's ill-fated invasion of Iraq.

That an observor as astute as Rose is thinks so highly of Geoghegan, and is taking his campaign so seriously, speaks volumes about Geoghegan's qualities as a candidate, and the power of the Geoghegan campaign's message of economic security for all Americans.

Here's the rest of what Don Rose has to say about the race and candidate Geoghegan:

[A]s a resident of the district, my vote will go to Tom Geoghegan, a labor lawyer and author of several important books. He gets things done while others hypothesize. (He is endorsed by The Nation magazine.) He is the law partner of former Alderman Leon M. Despres, a father of progressive reform in Chicago, which speaks volumes in itself.

Recently Geoghegan (pronounced gae-gun) won a huge class-action suit against Advocate Health Care that will, according to the Sun-Times, "result in free or reduced-price care for low income patients at Advocate hospitals."

That was typical of Geoghegan's successful fight for poor and working people-translating the smart ideas of his books into tangible action. His record and economic ideas might just resonate in the working-class western end of the district.