Hey Brother, Can You Spare a Billion?

09/28/2007 12:45 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I believe it was the late Senator Everett Dirksen who said "A billion here, a billion there...pretty soon you're talking real money." I guess that's how we are now looking at elections and campaigns. The current guesstimates for the total cost of the two major party campaigns are over 500 MILLION DOLLARS each! In case you need help with the math that is over 1 BILLION DOLLARS! In case you need a visual, it's the number one with nine zeros to the left of the decimal point! $1,000,000,000.00!

Is it just me or is that pretty wacky? Last time I checked, ONE BILLION DOLLARS (OBD) could go a long way to helping do cancer or autism research. Last time I checked, OBD could put many people in safe, affordable homes. Last time I checked, OBD could provide health services for thousands of people in need. Last time I checked, OBD could help give thousands of children a hand up out of tough situations with early education and intervention.

Did anyone notice that there was another debate this week? Isn't that like the 103rd debate we have had this season? I have gotten pretty tired of the debates and the money wasted on the campaigns. The upside is that the major networks have gotten tired of the debates too. I know it's easy to just bitch and complain. I want to focus on solutions and not problems so I am suggesting a possible remedy.

The debates have taken on a life similar to the movie Dirty Dancing. It seems that at any time day or night, Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey can be found somewhere on cable grinding away to some great old music. I have suggested that Ted Turner considers having an all Dirty Dancing channel so it would be easier to find Johnny Castle and "Baby". We have all news channels. We have all weather channels. We have all sports channels (that is if you consider poker a sport). Maybe from now until the election we should have an all presidential debate channel. It probably would save a great deal of money if the candidates didn't have to do all that traveling. They could just stay sequestered in a hotel near the studio like a jury and come out just for their daily debates. They could address one issue a day and spend plenty of time proposing actual solutions instead of just trying to score with the proverbial "bullet" points or "vote getting" points. The vague non-answer responses would not be accepted and viewer participation would be a must.

Yes, I am talking about The Ultimate Real Reality Show. What we are talking about is a reality show that would matter. It's not about dumping a date or trying to score a rich wife or husband. If Dancing With The Stars can draw an audience, so should Let's Dump A Politician. With the current list of people running for both parties, we could have the viewers/voters vote every two weeks to dump the worst candidate. That would take us up to within a month or two of the election with two candidates left. We will allow the remaining two candidates the last month or so to fine tune their acts and make one last presentation to the people. Not only would we save money, the show would probably make enough money to feed millions of hungry people.

So what do you think Ted Turner? How does Last Politician Standing Sound?