Public Relations, Paternity or Presidency

05/25/2011 12:05 pm ET
  • Tom Gerdy Building contractor and Community Activist

I have been a building contractor for over 25 years and I have been thinking about a change. During some quite moments over Easter weekend, I contemplated what I would do next with my life. I have a degree in Marketing so I thought maybe public relations would be my next career. I like challenges, so I considered getting involved in the Don Imus fiasco. He has a track record of making many stupid and offensive statements. I feel certain there would be job security as a public relations guy for Imus. I reconsidered because I have no respect for a person who, racist or not, even as a bad attempt at humor, would make such an idiotic statement.

When I dismissed the idea of the public relations job for Imus, my thoughts went to declaring I was the true father of Anna Nicole's baby. It appears there is plenty of room to make ridiculous statements and write books about that sad situation. The players in this game make the Great White Shark look like a gold fish won at a carnival. I figured there was room for one more gold digging shark. In the final analysis of this possible career choice, even though she likes the islands, I figured my wife wouldn't support me along this ride.

After dismissing the Imus thing and the daddy thing, I suddenly saw the light. As I took a hard look at the field that has already announced, I had trouble feeling good about casting a vote for any of the many who are currently running for president. The only solution is that I need to run for president. I am ready for politics to be different. I struggle with candidates raising $25,000,000 to campaign for three months. Hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent on this election. Does the current system help educate the American voter so good decisions can be made? Probably not. Does the current system help get the best candidate elected? Probably not. Does the current system address the true issues? Probably not. Does the current system help make our country better and stronger? Probably not. Does the current system help move the world forward? Probably not.

That being said, I am calling for a basic change in the process. As of today, I am requesting that the millions upon millions of campaign dollars be directed to helping correct some of the many big challenges that we face in our country. The solutions to many of our challenges may not be through government agencies so let's revisit who controls these funds. The campaign itself will be run like a reality show. I am certain we would have much better participation from our citizens than we sometimes do at the voting booths. As voters, we create questions that ask for ideas and solutions for our future. The candidates will be asked to simply answer the questions from the people on TV and the internet. If they try to use the typical avoidance tactic, they will be "gonged" to let them know, we are not listening to any more BS. If they try to sling mud or attack an opponent, they will be "gonged". We want answers. Each week we would vote off another candidate. "The lines are now open. Do we dump Hillary this week or Rudy?" The entire campaign could be run for less than 50 million dollars. That's being very generous, but still a fraction of what is going to be spent.

Since the answers to most of our challenges are still in our hands, we show the viewers opportunities for making a difference. As we take breaks from the questioning of the candidates, private not for profit agencies that have successfully and efficiently changed the world will be allowed to pitch their programs to the American people. Instead of donating to campaigns, we will be asked to help successful private programs continue to change America and the world. The voters will be challenged to donate dollars and time. Government funds can be distributed to the agencies state by state, based on volunteer hours. If we occupy our hands working to feed the hungry, house the homeless, educate our young people, improve our environment and heal the sick, we will be too tired to lift up a gun to fight. That will also free up billions of dollars.

That is the platform upon which I am announcing my candidacy for the president of the United States.

On second thought, I don't have time to be president. My hands, just like yours are needed out in the world- TODAY.