10/18/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sarah Palin: A Lawyer's Best Friend

America, we have a problem. We have a candidate for Vice President of the United States of America that is hiding from us. To further complicate things we are finding that she can't seem to keep from needing lawyers to straighten out messes that she has left behind. The Wassila short version includes a boat load of dollars paid to lawyers to fix a very significant problem with her pet project sports facility from her days as a mayor. Some reports talk about screw up related costs exceeding $1,000,000. That's a significant hit for any budget but for a town of 7000, ouch! In addition to that I believe some lawyers were able to get some billable hours due to some questionable hiring and firing practices. It also sounds as if lawyers could have been called in to sort through some decorating dollars for the mayor's office. I guess the positive side is that she didn't burn any books.

For those of you worried about the lawyers now that she has left Wassila, don't. As we can see, things didn't get any better at the state level. Lawyers are currently overcoming their investment losses thanks to hours billed for Troopergate. There may be some lawyers involved reviewing some of her reimbursed expenses as governor.

Unfortunately, it is continuing on the national level. It seems as if people who have donated to the McCain/Palin campaign are contributing to the attempt to stop a misuse of office investigation once welcomed by Palin. The saga continues and the lawyers get fatter. As she campaigns restating proven lies as facts, I am guessing that it will only be a matter of time before she crosses a legal line again needing some more lawyers.

There is some disturbing national fallout from all of her antics. As everyone now knows, the McCain campaign recently announced that this election is not about issues. Since it isn't about issues, the Republicans have been very thankful for the interesting personal developments and bogus distractions. It has given us plenty to talk about other than issues. The Republicans continue to grin as it allows them to tear one more date off of their Diversion A Day Calendar. The Palin Plan or Doctrine, if you prefer is working like a charm. They have done a pretty good job of keeping us from talking about issues. As a matter of fact, they have done a pretty good job of keeping us from talking to their candidates. John and Sarah have tried to do a couple of unscripted interviews that didn't seem to work out. Palin has been kept from the American people and the media as if she was a POW.

There are less than 50 days to tear off of the Diversion A Day Calendar and we will be voting for our president. We need John and Sarah to come out of hiding and talk to us. The scripts of one-liners, lies and fabricated "you hurt our feelings" reactions will no longer cut it. We need answers to our questions, worries and concerns. It can no longer be about getting elected at all costs. Where are we going and how are you going to fix what is broken? Together as a country, we must spend every last day of this campaign screaming for answers from both sides to issues. No more time can be spent talking about POW days, tanning beds, pigs and lipstick.