11/09/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

This Isn't School, So Let Us Pray

The presidential campaign has set many records. Record numbers of new voters have registered. A record number of dollars have been spent campaigning. Now we have set a record by reaching new depths of mudslinging, personal attacks and slime. I know that politicians like to use country adages to make a point so I will throw one in the mix. Some of the recent attacks and lies have been lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut. As this campaign hits new lows and negative attacks are spinning out of control I think we all might need to take time out to pray. Since we aren't in a classroom, let us pray together-

Dear (insert the name of your god, supreme-being, spiritual leader or source of power and energy)(does that cover everybody?),

We know we have been screwing up. All around the world we are killing in the name of gods. Anger, death and violence is a dominant force in our society. We know that if we don't change that the end could be near. Our country and the world are facing challenges that will forever change all of our lives. The decision we make on Nov. 5 will affect the world more than any election in modern times. Most of us know and feel the magnitude of what is at stake. With that in mind, we request your assistance during this horrible sideshow of a campaign that our country is enduring.

Please help all involved to focus on issues and stop the personal attacks.
Please help all involved to stop using lies to create hatred.
Please help all involved to maintain their dignity and souls by doing and saying what is right, not what will get them elected.
Please help all involved give up the win at all cost mentality.
Please help all involved to remember it is about serving.
Please help all involved leave their egos at the door.
Please help let the power of love overcome the love of power.
Please help us to sit down with our enemies and find a way to stop the killing.
Please help us care for all the sick and not just the rich sick.
Please help us fight the crime and violence that touches us every day.
Please help those of us who have, help those of us who hurt.
Please help us protect your planet from further damage.
Please help us make a difference in someone's life everyday.
Please help us protect and improve the future for my not quite yet born grandson.

Thank you for listening (once again insert the name of your source of spiritual guidance)!


This prayer directed at the political situation, but it is even more about Living. Now that we have prayed for what our country and the world needs we must take action. It is not a news flash, but once again I will point out that the answers are in our hands and our hearts. We must use the strength we have prayed for to change lives and the future. Reach out everyday and ask others to follow. I promise huge rewards for all.