03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Beverly Hills Schools: Live Here or Get Out (VIDEO)

Due to Prop 13's plague on the California's budget, after June Beverly Hills will no longer receive $6239.00 per out-of-district child who attends its schools. If a January 12 vote by Beverly Hills' School Board goes as planned, after this school year, out-of-district students will be sent in back to their home districts. (Mostly the underfunded LAUSD.)

The board will allow next year's out-of-district juniors and seniors to finish the rest of high school at Beverly Hills. Next year's eighth graders can also finish out middle school with their classes. That leaves approximately 280 students currently in grades K-9 needing to depart their class or move into Beverly Hills to comply with the law.

No more new students are being permitted into the Beverly Hills school system -- both sides are in complete agreement over that point. But the question has been born -- Should the school board let the students currently in the BH system stay, even though their parents are paying taxes to a different district?

It's a sticky situation with emotions running high all around this trend-setting town.
All I have to ask: what's okay about five people living in a one-bedroom apartment so they can go to Beverly Hills' schools?