"Jackson Pollock, I Know You're Out There"

09/10/2010 10:47 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Tom Gregory Actor, radio personality, Tony-nominated producer, social activist, and tastemaker

Long Island's infamous "Hamptons" have been home to myriads of artists. From Willem de Kooning, Larry Rivers, Fairfield Porter, Jackson Pollock, Ross Bleckner, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, the area has produced the greatest art of the past 80 years. Still today, discovering inspiring vistas both in real life and on a canvas, is like finding a great diamond at CHOPARD - they're everywhere.

Paton Miller lives in Southampton but his work is universal. Whether the curve of a mermaid, the muscled back of a donkey, or the quiet pride of a fisherman at sea, Miller's paintings speak to the "we" that ties humanity together. His paints -- rich, beckoning earthy tones -- let me smell the dirt, hear his ocean, and see the joy of life in a Costa Rican fiesta. Paton has a style uniquely his own, and it blossoms from Southampton. By his friendly demeanor and honest expression he's befriended a remarkable group of artists that are gold for the taking.

Opening on Saturday, September 11, at "4 North Main Gallery" in Southampton are works from artists Paton has befriended over his years in the community. He's calling the show "THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN" for the seven artists he is showcasing. Aage Bjerring, Kirby Grimes, Wray McGowan, Kathyrn Simos, Peter Hirsh, Zelie Rellim are showing their beautiful work. Like other East End Luminaries of the art world, these artists are poised to be noticed for their probing work and danged interesting lives!

Aage Bjerring has been producing art for most of his seventy-so years. He's made a powerful name in the world of fishing lures and decoys, and in this show we see Aage's paintings of everyday life. Aage paints with a patina of time and meaning that seems rare in this hurry-up-split-splat day. Kirby Grimes' trees, his remarkable works on paper, and his vibrant contemporary oils shouldn't be missed. All the artists in Paton Miller's show reveal their selves reminding us that sometimes noticing life is half the fun.

If you're lucky enough to be in the "Hamptons" this weekend, check out the show -- and if you're really lucky stop by to see the artists at the opening Saturday from 5-8pm. Very chic.


Kirby Grimes


Aage Bjerring

Kathryn Simos

Peter Hirsch

Zelie Rillem

Wray McGowan