Julian Assange to Face Charges in Sweden

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will likely go to Sweden in early December rather than continuing his appeals in British courts against extradition. Assange has hired a public relations firm in Stockholm to represent him as the case moves to the Stockholm arena. The decision, as yet unannounced, was confirmed by two sources in Stockholm and has been reported in Espressen.

A two-judge UK panel turned down Assange's appeal November 2, narrowing his options to either a further appeal to the UK Supreme Court or a decision to answer the Swedish prosecutor's extradition demand that he be interviewed in Stockholm where he may face charges of sexual harassment.

The fear of Assange supporters has been that the United States will indict him and seek his extradition from Stockholm on conspiracy charges involving the WikiLeaks disclosures. The US already is holding Pfc. Bradley Manning in Fort Leavenworth on WikiLeaks-related charges.

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