Meet Wall Street's Man in the Adirondacks

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A funny thing is happening in
upstate New York right now. The collusion between the grassroots populist anger
of the “teabaggers” and the more elitist pro-Wall Street agenda of the Club for
Growth is being unmasked all at once--just in time for Halloween.

Conservative Party candidate Doug
Hoffman is either leading or in second place in the special election to replace
Rep. John McHugh (R) in the upstate 23rd district of New York. The election turned into
a three-way race
when both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party
nominated moderates. The conservative grassroots and elites revolted at once and
Hoffman has become a cause célèbre of the national teabagger movement appearing
recently on Glenn Beck and winning Sarah Palin’s endorsement.

The irony of a grassroots movement
supposedly angry about being victimized by the financial crisis supporting the
Wall Street candidate couldn’t be more obvious.

Hoffman’s candidacy was born out of
the Club for Growth—an elitist cabal backed by big bankers whose founder now
writes editorials for the Wall Street Journal. The Club for Growth is a
right-wing Trojan Horse—wrapping itself in justifiable grassroots anger about
the financial crisis in order to stop a reform agenda and investigations that
would put a leash on the most outrageous Wall Street practices. With Hoffman
the Club for Growth has now put a saddle and harness on the teabaggers. Doug Hoffman is Wall Street's man in the Adirondacks.

Over the last decade or more, the
Club for Growth, which Hoffman has fully embraced, has opposed measures to
regulate out-of-control banks and provide protections for ordinary Americans.
Their only purpose is to make sure that the mainstream of the Republican Party
adheres to their ideology.

What we need now
more than ever are real and serious investigations ala the Pecora Commission of
the 1930s. A new Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission has started their work—and
will reportedly get a lot busier as they hire their investigators and move
forward. Getting to the bottom of the financial crisis is critically
important—America’s outrage about what is going on needs meaning. America
deserves to know who got us into this mess—especially if they’re still in
positions of authority.

Hoffman and the
Club for Growth are ideologically opposed to government and would rather hang a
“buyer beware” sign on the front of banks than do the responsible
thing—investigate what happened and fix our system so it doesn’t happen again.

Accountable America, a group I
founded, has a new TV ad that will air in the 23rd district continuously until
Tuesday that connects the dots between Doug Hoffman, the Club for Growth and
their opposition to bank investigations and reform. Check it out.