Michael Vick To Co-Star With Benji In New Disney Film

09/17/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The newly released from prison Michael Vick is working overtime to overhaul his public image and in a very controversial move he has decided to co-star with the beloved Benji in the new Disney film "Benji Joins the NFL." The director said he had his reservations at first. "I mean I didn't want him to star in this film with Benji because he murdered all those dogs and this is a kids' movie about dogs. Also I was kind of afraid he would actually kill Benji. But he's been great so far. He really ad-libs a lot in the moment." Here's a snippet of some of Vick's ad-libbing:
"What you lookin at bitch?! You wanna fight? This aint a fucking game! You goin down fa**ot!! I'm gonna cut you!! That's it, you dead now motherf***er! Don't you know who you f***in with? I murder dogs like you for breakfast! I'm Michael Vick the dog killer!! Where's my shotgun!" None of this will make the final cut of the film but it just goes to show that Vick's jumping in with both feet. It's great that these athletes can use films as their platform to completely turn their public perception around.

Kobe Bryant is following Vick's lead and is currently in talks to play the lead in the new Disney reimagining of "The Boy Who Could Fly" called "The Boy Who Could Fly and Also Never Raped anyone in a Hotel Room in Colorado." Vick has signed a three picture contract with Disney. Up next for him is the film "All Dogs Go to Heaven and Incidentally Michael Vick Didn't Murder Any of These Dogs with a Crossbow." What else is Vick doing to illustrate he's a changed man and loves dogs? He recently had this to say: "Right now I'm banging a lot of ugly bi***es." This just goes to prove that anyone can change.