07/03/2013 08:35 am ET Updated Sep 02, 2013

Where to Scream for Ice Cream Festivals This Summer


Sizzling, record-setting heat waves and their take-no-prisoners mentality have invaded the USA. Americans, however, are fighting back. Pools and beaches are packed towel to towel. There's also another yummy way to beat this heat... Ice cream!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

President Reagan in 1984 declared July to be National Ice Cream month. Americans eat more ice cream per person (average 20 quarts a year) than residents of all other countries. President Reagan insisted that this holiday period be observed with "appropriate ceremonies and activities." And America agrees.

Everyone deserves a cold, creamy, sweet treat this summer. No other food quite delivers the pure, unadulterated innocence and joie de vivre than this heavenly frozen dessert. So get out and enjoy some.

Craving a brain freeze? Visit these upcoming decadent festivals:

1) Terra Cotta Inn 18th Annual Nude Recreation Week Ice Cream Festival, Palm Springs, CA

2) 11th Annual New Jersey State Ice Cream Festival July 20th

3) Atlanta Ice Cream Festival July 27th

4) The 7th Scoop Austin, TX Ice Cream Festival August 17th

5) 19th annual Big Scoop ice Cream Festival Memphis, TN September 28th