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OWS Should Demand Blowback to Wall St.

Posted: 11/26/11 09:58 AM ET

I hope the folks that are part of the Occupy Movement are open to a suggestion. Presumably at some point they will settle on some specific demands to be presented to the media and government. These demands will no doubt benefit the 99% of us that they so nobly represent. The demand that I believe should be number one with a bullet on their list is to have every single person who participated in the deception of the value of sub-prime mortgages be completely removed in the U.S. from ever participating in any financial endeavor of any remote significance. The hedge fund managers, investment bankers, rating agencies, among others and their superiors that partook in this shell game have proven beyond a doubt they cannot be trusted to protect the stability of the world financial system. Of course these people belong in jail for a long time but that seems way to hot a political potato to have a chance to get done anytime this millennium.

These high stake gamblers of the financial world all have passed some ethical criteria that the SEC has rubber stamped. All of this is less than useless as their actions have shown just how supremely unethical they really are. Logic dictates that there be no mulligan's for these ethical duffers. Any intelligent person should fear that as long as these same soulless financial keepers of the flame keep their jobs then another financial meltdown is not only possible but probably imminent. Any parent knows if there are no strong consequences to wrong actions the child or perpetuator will keep doing the momentarily feel good but ultimately harmful actions. Every society needs substantial blowback to those that harm society. Its time numerous members of the 1% got at least some of the blowback they so richly deserve. This movement has been great with slogans. Maybe this issue's slogan could be Blowback to the bad guys or Blowback to the Deceivers or Blowback to the Wolves of Wall St. or maybe Blowback to the Blowhards.

The Occupy Movement is a godsend to the seemingly helpless 99%. They ain't so helpless anymore. Using this issue as one of their major focuses has the potential to add considerable fuel to the Occupy fire. For one thing, if they succeeded in getting this done they would very likely go down in history as big time heroes that saved our country and the world from a total financial meltdown. The ramifications of preventing another financial calamity would echo for more than a few generations. Certainly, our children and grandchildren would be very grateful to them. Secondly, those that want a reason to legitimize their actions so they can support them would have a very substantial one to hold onto. This in turn could lead to them having even more political muscle than they already look to be having in the next election.

Focusing on this demand takes the blood sweat and tears they have paid for their actions and makes it crystal clear that this is not just a group of angry people who are ticked off because they got screwed. They should unequivocally demand those heartless greedy types who have defecated on their own humanity and everyone else's be removed from their jobs to avoid the possibility of them doing anymore harm. This would in turn elevate the good souls of the Occupy Movement to be understood as noble protectors of the present and the future.