12/18/2009 02:48 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Senate Dems Need to Call Obama's Bluff on HC Reform

Senate Dems committed to true health care reform have an opportunity to play some country hard ball with Obama and do some real good for our country. Its obvious Obama and his people are desperate to get anything passed that looks like healthcare reform. With that in mind the Dems with guts and the will to use their power for something truly beneficial to the majority of our citizens need to stiffen up and take their best effort to impose their will on this impending disaster of a bill.

Sounds good you say but what can they do. The 99 mph fastball they call throw at our prez is to convince him that they will not vote for some cheap knock off of health care reform. That takes the power away from Lieberschmuck and his fellow healthcare whores because Obama knows he has to pass a healthcare bill or his somewhat shaky credibility will look like the stock market in the 1939 crash. Forced into this situation he can then be like Redford in The Natural and pull out his special bat called Reconciliation then swat that heater over the fence for a monster home run.

Reconciliation has always been the only chance of real health care reform so Obama has to be forced to use it. Just getting insurance companies to accept pre-existing conditions and not allow them to take away someone's insurance, may look good on paper but what does it really accomplish. Quite possibly more people with lousy insurance that does not really give them what they need. These are clever ruthless people who run these insurance companies. They understand the complexities of healthcare finances much more than anyone in congress or the media.

They know every angle for manipulation and abuse of their position. We cannot assume that these concessions will stop them from further extremes of manipulation and abuse. For example the idea of allowing people 55-64 to buy into Medicare sounded great until I heard that that the buy in would be 7-8K a year. All we seem to have gotten from these congress creatures of stealth and deception on this issue is more flim flam. There is so much cover for manipulation and deception regarding healthcare reform, the only method to trust is a robust public option. Also those with Medicare will probably get less coverage. The feces keeps rolling down hill while the fat cats at the top laugh at the rest of us for taking it without a real fight.

Senator Dick Durbin said a few months ago they have 50 Senate votes to pass a robust public option. Knowing it would likely lead to a watered down potentially useless legislation, Obama and his advisors decided it's in his best political interests not to take the lead on constructing this so called reform legislation. Presumably it gives him cover towards his big money corporate donors and other possible sell out type of motives. The Senate Dems that want to do the right thing need to shatter this gutless heartless political tactic and force Obama to look at the steep precipice of life without his promised healthcare reform.

The good guy and gal Senate Dems need to show big time courage and roll the dice to see if they can convince Obama and his clever by half advisors that it's no reform or the real thing. Does anyone really believe that the White House team will not try anything including doing the right thing to save their guy and themselves from the appearance of political emasculation?

Perhaps it is naïve of me to continue to hope that the guy I voted for and very much want to trust will in the end save the day. His presumably astute advisors might want to latch onto that possibility. I for one have the audacity to hope for such an ending to this high stakes political drama. Does President Obama also have that same audacity?