03/24/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Was Rahmbo Punked by Massachusetts Voters?

I believe it is entirely possible that the comments by the extraordinarily arrogant Rahm Emanuel "for liberals to kiss his arse" was taken quite personally by that bastion of liberalism the state of Massachusetts. Its well know that most of the time when people take action based on anger bad things typically happen.

Of course it wasn't just this shot across the bow from him that ticked off Massachusetts liberals enough that they rebelled by voting for yet another GOP schmuck. However its possible this was the straw that kicked them over the edge on top of tons of other maltreatment and neglect. Liberals are feeling liberally used, abused, dumped on, ignored and getting zero respect from the pols it busted their butts to support to victory like Obama. I just cant help but connect the dots between Rahmbo's kiss my arse quote and the voters of Massachusetts electing a GOP senator to replace Ted Kennedy.

Even though no one was more deserving of getting punked then the rich punk that is Obama's chief of staff. However this clearly looks like one of those the bum ticked me off and payback felt good for a fleeting moment but you live to regret the blowback for a long time after that. Rahm's problem or really our problem because this vindictive pain in our ass wields real power is that Rahmbo is rich and thinks very much like a rich man. Identifying with being rich means a person easily justifies the perks of privilege and the rest of us be damned. In this privileged mindset, its perfectly fine to use abuse then disregard the peons because that's what rich folks having been doing since forever. Obama sure screwed up when he gave this guy such an important job. This gaffe isn't quite as bad as Bush naming Cheney VP but it might ultimately give that move a run for its money on the list top screw ups by presidents that yielded long term bad times for the USA. Considering that Rahmbo may the single most important element in derailing the best chance America has in this critical juncture of its existence to make get back to being a country that protects all of its citizens as opposed to a land ruled by rich and money is the only real protection anyone has.

It is a bit ironic when you consider that the very real possibility that the second greatest threat to our country after terrorism are investment bankers and the hot headed Rahmbo was for a few years a very successful investment banker.

Maybe I am off base in trying to connect these dots and maybe I will regret calling Rambo a rich punk but it sure does feel good for the moment. Or maybe Obama will also connect these dots and fire his sorry plebeian ass.

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