Freepers Hate Gonzales

07/06/2005 10:29 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Ah yes, the so-called "Free" Republic - the online home of President Bush's conservative base, a faithfully conservative group of "Freepers" who take on the left, bash the liberals, and fight the good fight of American conservatism. Here, verbatim, is what the Republican denizens of Jim Robinson's highly-edited, march-in-lockstep or you'll-be-removed Website believe about one Alberto Gonzales: loyal Republican, avowed conservative, law-and-order Hispanic, United States Attorney General, potential SCOTUS nominee ... and close friend of President George W. Bush:

Gonzales is NOT a Conservative

Gonzales is NOT a Strict Constructionist

Gonzalez is not an American.
What's he doing there?
I guess we all know the answer to that.

La Raza Gonzales is weak on lots of things.

Alberto Gonzales is definitely against apprehending and returning illegal alians where they came from. He basically admitted that during an interview on the Sean hanitty Show.He is Not Supreme Court material.

George W. Bush always tells the truth, I think.

he's damn sure NO friend to gun owners either!!!

Like I'm going to listen to a guy when I can't even look into his eyes! The guy has no eyes -- they are squinted shut! Who could trust someone who looks like that???

Gonzalez is cool with babykilling

If Reid is for him, I am against him.

Gonzales is a member of LaRaza - LaRaza is the KKK for racist hispanics.

If Reid thinks he is "qualified" for the Supreme Court, that cinches the matter; Gonzales is no good. He will likely roll over on doing what is necessary to save the Constitution, despite his chummy friendship with the President!

Here we go again. It appears W's friendship with Gonzales is more important than his election promises, but then that is typical for politicians.

Maybe the conservatives that helped deliver Bush the White House again in 2004 will finally abandon the Republican Party in 2006, then.

There's hardly any big-government, paternalistic idea he is known to oppose. Must come from his central american upbringing.

Time to step up the rhetoric against Gonzelez.

G.O.P. Asks Conservative Allies to Bend Over and Take Another One 'for the Team'. Here, I fixed the title for you.

I'm going to start ranting against Gonzalez.

I get more and more disappointed in President Bush. Where's all the fire he had last time around? We need a revolution.

Keep in mind, fair Huffingtonians, that anything untowardly liberal is immediately removed from Free Republic. These posts live on. They clearly represent what Jim Robinson believes. They are un-American.