07/03/2005 02:24 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Sunday Papers

You've watched Russert with the Huffingtonian guide, tuned into McLaughlin's Rovian revelations, and punched through that fat stack of mainstream media in print (yes, the newspaper). So here's some juice from the lair of the semi-professional auteur, the alternative weekly reading from the Sunday papers:

  • Richard Edelman honestly admits: "It is fun to be a global CEO of a PR company!" No foolin'. But unlike most CEO blogs, Edelman actually delivers what Edelman thinks, not the marketing department's idea of what the chief should think. It's a terrific blog, and not because Edelman runs one of the biggest PR companies in the world. Want proof: check out his insightful post about modern London.

  • Hootsbuddy reminds us that the Middle East is hardly the only front in the not-so-neat-and-tidy war on terror: some battlefronts are older, some histories longer, some U.S. involvements more complex.

  • Every liberal Democrat's favorite conservative Republican blogger John Cole does a great job of proving a one-stop shop for post-O'Connor posturing - and in pointing out how silly some interest groups look in trying to mobilize their troops for a fight - especially on the right.

  • The ever-unpredictable Shakespeare"s Sister dethatches the overgrown, weedy - and quite honestly, fat and lazy - habit of the right: blaming liberals for every sin.

  • Pamela Parker knows marketing and branding: she covers those subjects for JupiterMedia. So when Pamela is on the receiving end of the less-than-spectacular customer service experience from Target, she nails the story - and Target had better be paying attention.

  • Finally, Captain Ed defending George Soros?! Yes, when it comes to his right to bid on a piece of the Washington Nationals baseball team. Even though Soros funds the arch-enemies of the super-conservative Captain's Quarters, the blog sticks to its libertarian, pro-business philosophy and refuses to join a Republican attack on the MLB onwership group that includes Soros.