02/06/2011 12:04 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Love Is Speaking: Are You Listening?

In these times of chaos and disharmony, there is an untapped natural resource that is universal and accessible to all. Let's call love the energy of the future, renewable moment to moment inside oneself. It makes ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things. Love heals, restores, rejuvenates and revives.

Whether we realize it or not, love is behind every motivation, impulse, desire, fear, action and reaction that we have. We've all tasted it, and we are all looking for it or for more of it. Love suffers from limited exposure and lack of proper recognition. Yet, now more than ever, each one of us can absolutely count on the transformational power of love to sustain us and to enhance our life experience. It may be that the pipeline to our love source is rusty from lack of use. We need to increase our ability to feel love in our hearts by opening the right channels and by removing the blockages keeping us from experiencing the fullness of love.

Here are a few suggestions on how to easily reconnect with our love source:

  1. Gift Yourself With A Daily Dose Of Silence: No matter how busy your life is, carve a few minutes out of your daily hustle and bustle for meditation, contemplation, or simply quiet sitting. There are many techniques to chose from, just find one that resonates with you and commit to your system. The benefits of a regular meditation practice are abundant and significant on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Let's think of love as a radio transmitter that we can tune into by turning on the right channel. We can access it anytime, from anywhere, and tap into the perfect channel needed (unconditional love, relationship love, spiritual love). If we don't create the necessary space and frequency to tune in to the right channel, we will miss the signals every time!
  2. Tune In To Your Love Channel: What is your deepest experience of love in your life? It could be romantic love, love for a child, for nature, for your aging parent, for God as you know it. Recall the most profound awareness of love that you've ever had. Visualize the circumstances around it, relive the emotions through all your senses to the fullest extent possible, let yourself feel the flavor of that love experience 100 percent. Now let go of the images associated with the circumstances and appreciate how love remains vibrantly abundant, standing on its own merit and reaffirming that its abode is in your heart. Love is the arrow, and its outward expressions are the targets, but if you trace back the origin of the arrow, you are the archer. Love is as intimate with us as we are with it.
  3. Turn Up The Inner Volume: Before letting go of the connection you have just reestablished, take a moment to notice its immeasurable strength. It is outside of time and space, powered only by our ability to shift our attention toward or away from it. It never loses its potency and vitality. It is always on. In other words, love is the constant, we usually only tune into it through emotions stirred by exterior events in our lives. We fall in love, connection is made; we are moved to our core by a work of art, connection is made; we experience compassion in the face of suffering, connection is made; we intimately look into the eyes of a loved one, connection is made. The outer circumstances trigger our inner feeling of love because they are the mirror love needs to reflect itself back to us, just like I need the mirror to see my reflection. If you want to exercise your love muscle, there is nothing better than spending a few hours reading the touching stories from the "Chicken Soup For The Soul" series (Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen). It is time to turn up the volume on our inner dial and to realize that we own the love of all our experiences.
  4. Take Out The Garbage: How do we keep this channel clear of the many interferences bombarding us? We need to work on releasing limiting beliefs and negative emotions from the past by being attentive to our state of mind. There is an arsenal of very effective techniques such as "Big Mind, Big Heart" by Genpo Roshi, Jon Kabat Zin's MBSR, "The Work" by Byron Katie, Dr. Sue Morter's Intentional Living, among others, all aiming at dissolving the weight of our conscious and unconscious baggage. This step is very important because our ability to live love at every moment is commensurate to our capacity to receive its signals. For that, we need to match our internal frequency with love's very pure and powerful modulation.
  5. Choose Love Every Time: What do we chose to put our attention on in our lives? Love will only grow if we let it by becoming more aware of it. Surround yourself with opportunities to connect with love in every aspect of your life by rejoicing in works of art, music, literature. Identify your own passions and reignite the fire in your life. When stress overwhelms us, we can effectively use love's messengers. Let's invite and appreciate gratitude in our hearts for all that is good, Reverence towards the mystery of life, compassion for the pain and suffering of others, appreciation for the majesty of Creation, surrender to the highest spiritual truths.

I invite you to continue this heart to heart conversation, in the intimacy of your Being and in the safety of all that unites us. Together, let's restore love to its proper glory and reawaken to our natural state of wholeness. Only by heightening our capacity to love and to be loved can we affect positive changes in our lives, the lives of others, and the future of the planet.

Toni Emerson

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