06/02/2014 11:21 am ET | Updated Aug 02, 2014

Real Estate Marketing Aims to Override the Power of the Photograph

Out with the old, in with the new. As New York becomes a new hub for tech startups, the city's real estate industry has been gaining innovative approaches to its marketing techniques.

Today's tech boom has illuminated the desired shift away from traditional means of advertising into a more interactive field between seller and consumer. Within the real estate industry, a plethora of tech companies have exemplified the move away from the two-dimensional stagnant photograph towards virtual reality of video and 3D.

View the Space, a new platform for commercial real estate in leasing out office space has created its niche in video tours. Using a new approach to video, it provides potential tenants with the closest feeling to touring the property in person. Such accurate video tours not only allow tenants to "know before they go" to see the office space, but can even eliminate the need to view in-person, ensuring the most timely and efficient deal.

Similar to the video technique used by View the Space, videos recorded through Google Glass offer a first-hand view of walking through a property. Within the realm of real estate marketing, realistic aesthetics are key and can spark enough interest in a potential buyer to inquire about a listing. For example, a video of our penthouse at 400 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan made for an Italian publication was shot through Google Glass to give overseas buyers the most truthful look into an apartment out of physical reach.

Technology is transforming the norms of real estate marketing towards a platform of user interaction with the product instead of mere presentation. Given these continuous advancements, the photograph may soon be replaced -- a not so surprising transformation that has already eliminated the supremacy of television and print advertising -- granting the power of real estate marketing to a new frontrunner.