10/03/2013 12:06 pm ET Updated Dec 03, 2013

What? The Lakers Have New Black Uniforms? Kobe In Rome, Lebron Follows Me To Rome And The Government Is Shutdown

I fly back into the country yesterday only to find Kobe Bryant wearing a new BLACK Lakers uniform. When did this happen? Was I gone that long? Next your going to tell me the government is shut down even though those responsible are still getting paid or that Breaking Bad is no more and that USC is gonna fire Lane Kiffin.

Wait, they fired him?

The gov't is shut down?

Well, then, don't even talked to me about Breaking Bad.

Man, this is the worst jet lag I've ever experienced.

Let's start with the Lakers and the new uniforms. That's the official photo released by the Lakers to the media. I like 'em. Seems they will only wear them a couple times a year. I'm cool with that. Love the purple and gold, but a nice, small change is good.

Funny thing, I did see a couple of Kobe jerseys in Rome at the Colosseum. After all, he did live in Italy and does speak Italian. The Black Mama is global. The jerseys were the purple and gold version, of course. By the way, this was the day before LeBron James showed up on his honeymoon to take a peak at the all-time place to perform. That's my picture below. Clearly, Honeymoon James saw it on twitter and decided to follow my lead and check it out.


That's completely untrue.

Anyway, when you walk inside the Colosseum and learn of its intricacies, you soon realize THAT was thee place to play or, on occasion. get sacrificed. It seated 50-thousand to 80-thousand fans. It even had tickets with section and seat numbers. We're talking nearly 2,000 years ago. And, yes, 'cuz I know you're wondering, they did have VIP boxes with dessert! Under the floor was an insanely calculated labyrinth to usher in and out all kinds of gladiators, animals, props and even water to construct a lake for plays. Today's arena's have nothing on the Colosseum. The Romans started building that sucker back in 70AD. I hear that parking your chariot was easy, too.

Back to the Lakers and their new black jerseys. It does smack a little of trying to take some attention away from the Clippers. For the first time, it is the Clippers who are talking Championship and not the Lakers. Maybe that's why they are calling the jerseys "Hollywood Nights", trying to infuse a little of that smoke n' mirrors for which Hollywood is famous.