02/07/2011 07:01 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Mom's Life Lesson for the Day

Every day, I find wisdom through others or through my own actions. I try to remember to pass this wisdom along to my children, hoping they will carry this information with them as they navigate through a very complex world. However, I find that nailing down three boys at the same time to share this motherly insight is harder to do than to nail Jell-O to a tree. Time flies by before I remember to share my life lesson for the day, let alone remember what I wanted to share in the first place.

The reality is, I usually have my "ah-ha!" moments long after the house is quiet and everyone is asleep. These are the moments that I can have clarity without interruption -- when my day is done and I find myself reflecting on what I did well, could have done better, and still plan to do. Those ruminating thoughts usually meld into my dreams with no audience to hear me.

As I drifted off to sleep the other night, my thoughts were reflecting on the past year as a whole, thus positioning my thoughts and plans for the upcoming year. It was then that I had another "ah-ha!" moment. I realized I can share my wisdom with my children, just not in the way I originally conceived. In order to make it happen I just had to get out of my original line of thinking.

I picked my platform: our front door. It was there that I can share my message and capture the attention of everyone in my family, no matter how busy their day would be. The door is made of glass and represents two things: the view of the world beyond the comfort of our home, and the last thing you look at before entering that very big world. I wanted my message to be fresh on their mind as they embark on the journey called "life."

I got some dry-erase markers and shared my first message, titled, "Mom's Life Lesson for the Day," and admired my handiwork, once my scribbles were gleaming in the sunlight. Then I waited to see if it would work.

My youngest son hugged me when he got home from school and read the message. He said, "Thanks for the note, Mom. It means a lot." Whether he understood the lesson or not, he just adored the fact that he was important enough for Mom to share her wisdom that day.

So after seeing this gesture of thanks from an unlikely source, I didn't mind that he found his own platform to do the same thing in return. He scribbled an "I love you" note to me, but did so through the dust gathered on a mirror in my room.

I didn't teach a lesson today. I learned one.