Exclusive: Ray J's Letter from Jail!

09/26/2011 12:12 pm ET | Updated Nov 22, 2011

Okay. So don't ask me how I got this because I can't tell you, BUT, one of my awesome sources got their hands on a piece of juiciness. So you've probably heard about Ray J and Fabolous' fight and Ray J's insane interview by now. Apparently/supposedly, the two came to blows at a club or a party or something and Ray J--ever the thug--got locked up. ...or that's how Ray J said it happened.

This letter that Ray J wrote his sister, Brandy, tells a bit of a different tale. AGAIN--I CANNOT TELL YOU how I got my hands on this. Just know it's legit, and you saw it here first. Text is below if the picture doesn't show for whatever reason (click to make it bigger)


hey, sis, whats up. not much here, but i'm in jail though and I don't even deserve to be in here though. it was crazy, here's how it all happened. I was at a party and then Fabliss walked by and I was like "whats up homie" and he was like "do I know you?" I hate it when niggas front like that so I got mad like "what's up then? we can take this outside" and he was like "okay lets go" and then I was like "I was just playin, gimmie a hug" but he didn't. and then after that everybody was just like real mean to me. they got me put out of the Palm hotel, and you know I love that place. they have heated robes. don't nobody else have heated robes. I dont know what to do, I just pray that DJ Clue can fix all this. for Clue is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?

anyway im in jail right now and I need you to come get me out because I do not want to convert to muslim and that is what happens in here. and the people here are mean. these people are definitely not here for the love of ray j and that is not cool. and these dudes keep looking at me like im a snake and egg sandwich and I do not want to smash these homies. people keep asking me to sing "Love ambition" and I am not Jason Weaver and I keep telling them that but they wont listen. can you come down here and tell them I am you're brother so they let me go.

Ray J -aka- One Wish Willie -aka- Brandy's Brother