Eco-Entrepreneur: Robin Kay Levine, CEO, Eco-Me

10/03/2008 05:12 am 05:12:01 | Updated May 25, 2011

What is your name, title and the name of your business? Hi! My name is Robin Kay Levine and I'm the CEO of

What service does your business provide or what does it sell?
Eco-Me sells natural tool kits for making your own safe & chemical-free home, body, baby and pet care products.

What is it that makes your product/service green, eco-, or just plain better for us?
Well, you know it's healthy, because you make it yourself! We are helping people create products that are simple and free of harmful chemicals.

What were you doing for work prior to starting this business?
I was a producer for children's animation.

When did you start your business?

What was the impetus for starting your eco-business?
My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at 36 years old even though there was no family history of the disease or any existing risk factors. While caring for her during treatments, I began doing research to help answer the many questions running through my mind. I soon found out the truth about household and body care products and the lack of proper regulation and information given to consumers. I found recipes for natural solutions, and because I had the time, I was able to create solutions that worked for me. I wanted to share these products with the world in a way that was approachable, easy and effective; hence, Eco-Me.

Who are your target customers?
We target men, women, pet lovers, mom's, sisters,.... anyone between 28-48.

Where are you located and/or what areas do you service?
We have a warehouse in Pasadena, California and sell direct retail online at We also sell to retailers across the US & Canada and will soon be expanding into France, Australia, Ireland, UK and New Zealand.

What would help you grow your business?
Eco-Me would grow if we could build a partnership with Arm & Hammer, Heinz and other major manufactures who bring the ingredients to the market. It would open their product lines up to a new unique group of consumers as well as expand our marketplace and distribution.

What is your biggest challenge with your business?
The biggest challenge is getting big box businesses and buyers to have the same compassion towards eco-friendly products and health issues as customers have.

If you could meet any entrepreneur, who would it be?
I'd love to meet Richard Branson (he's taking biofuel to the skies), Oprah (she went vegan and survived, I struggle with this myself), William McDonough (his book cradle to cradle is changing how we manufacture and consume products today).

What is your public contact info?
Eco-Me LLC can be reached directly at: (626) 798-8300 ph (626) 798-8686 fax, (I personally answer the majority of e-mails because I love to have open dialogue with our customers ). Or, visit us online at: Oh, and if anybody wants to write about us (hint, hint!) Ink pr is our go-to team: ph. 310.860.0806 (ask for Carmen).

What's your favorite donut, and why?
I just fell in love with donut holes from a raw food recipe I found in Ani Phyo's cook book. It has almonds, dates, pineapple, shredded coconut. I add walnuts and raisins and chop it up, roll them into small donut holes (The dates make it sticky!) and eat. They sound gross, but are amazing! Even my meat and potato husband loves them!

My 2 cents:
The packaging is ADORABLE; but to be honest, I was beyond skeptical about how well they would actually work. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised and pleased as a peach (it is still summer, y'all!) with the results! I have a stainless countertop and even the most toxic cleaners don't always do a good job, so hats off to Eco-Me for cleaning my house so well... now, if we could just get my cleaning lady to do as good a job as Eco-Me did, then I'd be in business!