04/14/2013 08:56 am ET | Updated Jun 14, 2013

America's Most Charming Accents (PHOTOS)

For Dallas-based Crissy Lintner, a certain kind of voice can transport her to another place -- and even make her hungry.

"When I hear a Cajun accent, I picture hanging moss trees, French-style architecture, and good food," she says.

No wonder: that vocal Creole is heard on the streets of New Orleans, whose locals scored near the top of the America's Favorite Cities survey for their unmistakable accents. Every year, Travel + Leisure readers rank 35 U.S. cities for tangible features like great hotels as well as intangible qualities, such as a peaceful atmosphere and the refreshingly regional way that some locals talk. The friendly lilts in Savannah, GA, won for most charming accent, while two high-ranking island cities -- Honolulu and San Juan, P.R. --confirm that some geographic isolation can make a city feel, and sound, unique.

Lintner admits that she does judge folks by their accent when she travels, but in a good way. "I trust someone with an authentic accent," she says, "because they're probably natives -- and so they know the best hidden places to go."

--Katrina Brown Hunt

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America's Most Charming Accents (PHOTOS)