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North Korea, The Mystery Of Pyongyang As Oz And The Rest, Forgotten Cities (PHOTOS)

AP   |  TIM SULLIVAN   |   October 7, 2012

KAESONG, North Korea — From here, Pyongyang can seem like a dream. At what passes for rush hour on a Wednesday morning, there are few...

Millions Of Pints Later, Oktoberfest Closes

AP   |   October 7, 2012

BERLIN -- Munich's famed celebration of beer, the Oktoberfest, is drawing to a close after some 6.4 million visitors downed an estimated 6.9 million liter...

Photographing The Bahá'í Faith (PHOTOS)

  |  Paul Slaughter   |   October 9, 2012

In spring 1961 while I was living in New York City studying acting. While photography was just a hobby, I got an impetus to return...
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