10/14/2010 07:50 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Insider Tips for Buenos Aires

It's not so much why go to Buenos Aires as why go home! Buenos Aires is filled with people who planned on staying for a couple of months, and just never got on that return flight (myself included). It's a rare city that manages to make well-traveled people fall in love with it quickly. It might have touches of Paris in the buildings or Barcelona in the never-ending nightlife, but Buenos Aires is really a world of its own.

Famous for its steak, tango, and leather goods, the city is currently experiencing somewhat of a renaissance in art and music, with famous local club nights touring CNN and galleries popping up just about everywhere. While it's worth visiting historical sights around town, one of the city's big draws is that something new and exciting is always happening.

Come to Buenos Aires for its incredible diversity. Have cocktails in a Parisian mansion and eat a steak bigger than your head, or visit Hollywood and SoHo--Palermo, that is, and see how well a country can bounce back from an economic collapse. Just don't expect to be at a dinner table before ten, or in a club or bar before two. And everything you heard about how beautiful and stylish the locals are? All true. Here are my tips for enjoying Buenos Aires as a local. --Whitney Weiss

Insider Tips for Buenos Aires

What are your favorite tips for enjoying Buenos Aires?

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