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Lisa Sharon Harper: 'Paul Ryan's Plan Breaks My Heart' (VIDEO)

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Is Paul Ryan engaged in the active participation of idle worship? Is the Paul Ryan plan "cheating on God?" Are we married to an ideology instead of married to God?

I recently asked Lisa Sharon Harper, Sojourners Director of Mobilizing and founding executive director of New York Faith & Justice, what broke here heart. Her answer? The Paul Ryan Plan.

Paul Ryan is all business. Just business.

I'm all for business, I own one, but "the market" is not righteous. No limits, profit-driven activity falls short Kingdom imagination-wise, needing have-nots and under abundance to drive it's model.

Business, the church and government can't do it alone; we need the creative tension and collaboration of all three to produce real fruit and social change.

"I'm going to love through every means I have: business, government, the church, engaging my neighbors and through myself," Harper says.

Films with Lisa Sharon Harper coming this Fall from The Work Of The People.