10 Roadside Enigmas That Make it Hard to Keep Your Eyes on the Highway (PHOTOS)

10/13/2010 08:44 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jack Kerouac put it succinctly: "the road is life"--which could explain the haphazard collection of oddball phenomena that flanks our highways and byways. We just wrapped our On the Road Writing Contest and particularly loved the submissions that fell into this roadside enigma category. In-between places are fertile ground for the cultivation of the weird and hyperbolic. Seen a bizarre, mysterious, or poignant side-of-the-road place in your meanderings? We'd love to hear about it. Add it after these ten and on

10 Roadside Enigmas That Make It Hard to Keep Your Eyes on the Highway

A note about Trazzler's slideshows: we don't do top-tens or best-of lists. Nor are we so morbid or presumptuous as to tell you where you must go before you kick the bucket. The world is far too big and fascinating to encapsulate in any kind of definitive list. We simply chose the places that our writers have contributed that make us think, laugh, dream, and want to hit the road.