10/26/2010 08:32 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Severed Body Parts! 12 Frightful Spots for Losing Your Head (PHOTOS)

Let's start from the premise that the tourism industry is, quite frequently, a freakshow. And not just on Halloween... plenty of places keep it surreal all year round. Why? Luring people into your temple, museum, church, crypt isn't as easy as you might think. You need a hook.

While the words "severed body parts" may not have a tourist-brochure ring, let's face it, gore sells. Call them relics, taxidermy, ossuaries, medical oddities, or just a good story of legendary dismemberment--these 12 morbid spots keep the curious coming back.

Have you run across a displaced appendage in your travels? Let's reassemble them here and on (and check out our latest writing contests).

Severed Body Parts! 12 Frightful Spots for Losing Your Head

A note about Trazzler's slideshows: we don't do top-tens or best-of lists. Nor are we so morbid or presumptuous as to tell you where you must go before you kick the bucket. The world is far too big and fascinating to encapsulate in any kind of definitive list. We simply chose the places that our writers have contributed that make us think, laugh, dream, and, in this case, shudder.

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