09/03/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Can $133 Million Ounces of Prevention Beat a Pound of Cure?

An ad I'd like to see to drive home the urgent need for health insurance reform would proclaim, in the baldest way, that the health-insurance industry is burning through lobbying money now to protect their obscene profits for prosperity. According to John Harwood of the New York Times, they spent $133 million dollars in the second quarter of this year alone.

$133 million to convince politicians to back off finally curbing health-industry profiteering.

That money would buy:

  • 220,000 CT scans or MRIs.
  • 1, 330, 300 visits to a family physician
  • 4,433 hips replaced
  • 604 early-stage breast cancer treatments

One of the few groups rank-and-file Americans mistrust more than Congress is the health-insurance industry. Let's steer the debate back to that target with a little good old-fashioned righteous indignation.