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Why I'm Not Mad at Lieberman

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Alright, when I first heard of his latest petty, self-serving publicity stunt I yelled at the TV and hurled a perfectly good clementine against the wall. But I'm calmer now and I'm not mad at him for wielding power.

I'm mad at the administration for not wielding power.

When Joe was kicked out of the Democratic Party he could have hidden in a corner and sulked. Instead, he understood his strategic position and figured out exactly when and how to strike.

The president's problem is completely the opposite. He was elected with a mandate and momentum to accomplish momentous things, however he and his advisers chose to hang back on health care. What did they expect would happen? Who did they expect would fill the power vacuum? Of course the special interests and the Republicans and moderate Democrats flooded into the void. From the very beginning when the president and Rahm Emanuel said, "Everything was on the table," they invited chaos, disaster and assured their own powerlessness. If you run a campaign promising to change a broken system, how can you entrust the most significant piece of legislation of your tenure to that same system?

The Obama administration needs to course-correct immediately. He needs to make a series of bold, muscular, ruthlessly political moves immediately (reconciliation anyone?) to put the fear of god into all those puny adversaries out there that have been pushing him around with impunity.