Your Very Own Obama Ad

11/10/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Trey Ellis Novelist, Screenwriter, and Associate Professor at Columbia University

I've got some very exciting news. A few weeks ago I blogged here on the HuffPost about a script for an Obama commercial that I would love to see. Well the hard-working folks at, and 13 actually took me up on it. Take a look:

But it gets better. If you'd like to see the spot run in the swing state of your choice, you can log onto and buy airtime on a local cable channel for as little as $100. Your name will go at the end of the spot and they'll notify you exactly when it will run so you can tell all your friends to watch out for it and feel like a mini media mogul. It's pretty cool that political ads are no longer solely the province of big party politics and PACs.

And if you don't like my ad then go out and make your own. What I think is most exciting about all this is that just as blogging democratized our access to information on the internet, sties like Wowofnow democratize the last bastion of the MSM -- television.