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Free Flick Fridays: A Charlie Brown Christmas

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What's the true meaning of Christmas? Your good old friend Charlie Brown is about to find out in this smart, earnest, and adorable classic.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Dir. Bill Melendez (1965)

"Christmas is a big commercial racket, run by an Eastern syndicate."

Feeling a little Christmas ennui? Then this is the TV special to watch and turn it off-(oui!). It takes a guy like Charles M. Schulz to send up the creeping commercialism of the most wonderful time of the year, and from the mouths of (actual little kids) babes...

This Christmas special has Charlie Brown on a search for the real meaning of Christmas, and through going to Lucy-as-psychologist, directing the Christmas play, and finding the world's saddest little pine tree...well, you know what happens next. It's an absolute joy to watch. Have a wonderful holiday season, everybody!

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