06/11/2010 05:29 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ode to Grassley: Let Them Drink Beer

Ah, the Chuckster, the primogenitora signature of the all time Huckster of rearward thinking, no one could think this dude up, even he couldn't make himself up

he would have us believe he arrived through parthenogenesis, his shenanigans will never end

he and his "Game" have been the ruination of Iowa and it's People for well nigh THREE Generations now

The LONG Shadow and Bag(man) of Shame of Grassley stretches across and has DARKENED the beloved Rolling Hills of the Beautiful Land of Iowa for Fifty Two Years of Ruination ~

where his acts have now polluted and ruined the entire nation and the ruins of Ruin bloodclot and cloud the Sky of Des Moines

Never doubt the REAL PAIN Grassley has caused hundreds and thousands of Fellow Iowans for his own sheer meanness, cold heartedness, GREED, personal gain and advancement

Now the Grassman comes hat in hand back to Beautiful Land of Iowa

askin "Please send me back to Washington for another six years of outright hegemony over you,

I'm one of YOU, just plain Good Ol Simple Chuck, don't ya know"

and that folksy down home Good Ol Chuck bullshit schtick just doesn't stick anymore, while tens and hundreds of thousands of Iowans linger and languish,

the "Grassley Solution" to the oil spill is the Swan Song of Marie (Grassley) Antoinette "Let them eat cake" rehashed to fit the times as "let them drink beer"

well Chuckster its time for you to move out of the way and step aside,
cuz you've NEVER lent a hand to anyone (cept yourself)

The Times They Are A CHANGIN'
Good News!
The Grass Man Time Count is ON!
as sands through the slithery Grass Man hourglass
so are the soon to be bygone days of Grass Man's political life
146 Days!!!

Go Roxanne!!!!!!!

~ by John Shumaker