Smile Jack!!! This Is Why Dwight Howard Will Be a Los Angeles Laker

12/10/2011 11:35 am ET | Updated Feb 09, 2012

All the Los Angeles Laker fans across the globe can start celebrating early and this is why; over the past few weeks I have been doing research on Dwight Howard and the possibility of him becoming a Los Angeles Laker. In my studies I've come across a few interesting trends that may prove that Superman II will indeed be sporting a Lakers jersey and hoisting up the world championship hardware at seasons end.

I have focused mainly on five great centers in NBA and Los Angeles Laker history including Dwight Howard and how they are and will be connected forever in basketball history. Out of these four centers three had previously started their careers on NBA teams other than the Los Angeles Lakers, the exception being George Mikan. Wilt Chamberlain started his career with the Philadelphia Warriors, Kareem Abdul Jabbar started his career with the Milwaukee Bucks, Shaquille O'Neal started his career with the Orlando Magic and Dwight Howard also started his career and is presently with the Orlando Magic. One trend that I found was the conference that four of the five centers played in prior to their moves west. With the exception of George Mikan who played in the central division all of the others played in the eastern conference. Whether coincidental or planned it is factual and as the old saying goes history repeats itself and it will if the Lakers acquire Howard.

Another trend is the twenty-nine seasons in Laker franchise history in which they didn't have a dominant center on their roster. Paralleled with the twenty-nine seasons collectively between these centers in which they played professionally before going to the Los Angeles Lakers. From all of the facts listed above and the dying need for the NBA to create intrigue and excitement for the revamping of interest from its global fans this deal must happen. In the 2011 season the Miami Heat hype fueled the season therefore this season will be fueled by Dwight Howard and Laker talk. For accuracy and legitimacy all numbers include Dwight Howard.