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Tuncay Babali
Tuncay Babali, diplomat, Ambassador to Canada (2012-14) a fellow (2009-10) at the Harvard Weatherhead Center for International Affairs.

Dr. Babali has formerly served as Director of the Dep. of Human Resources of the MFA Turkey and as counselor of the Turkish Embassies in Washington, D.C. and London. Previously, he was deputy chief of cabinet to President Ahmet Necdet Sezer (2003-06), counseling on foreign policy issues, contributing to speech writing and preparing presidential level state visits to various foreign countries, setting agenda and scheduling for the president. Dr. Babali has also served in the Turkish Consulate General in Houston, Texas as the vice counsel, and second secretary at the Turkish Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria. Prior to these postings, Mr. Babali worked as attaché at the MFA headquarters in Ankara in the Deputy Directorates General for both bilateral and multilateral economics affairs, consecutively. He was responsible for carrying out “Joint Economic Commission” meetings with various “non-market” and transitional economies and organizing SME investment business missions to the Balkan states. On the multilateral part, Mr. Babali has worked on formation efforts of “Developing 8 Grouping.” While in that department, he also worked in the organization of the First World Congress of the Turkish Businessmen. During his early career, he also seconded and worked in the Deputy Directorate General of the Energy, Water and Environmental Issues. Mr. Babali earned his PhD from the University of Houston and has a MA degree from the University of London, School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS). He holds a bachelor's degree in international relations from the University of Marmara, Istanbul, Turkey. At Harvard he pursued research on Russian resurgent foreign policy tools: energy, security and economy. He offered a realistic assessment of their impact on its near abroad policy. He has a BA from Marmara Univ., Istanbul. MA frm. SOAS, Univ. of London. Ph.D on Pol.Sci. frm. the Univ. of Houston.

Entries by Tuncay Babali

What Shale Gas Revolution Means for International Energy Geopolitics and New World Order?

(0) Comments | Posted September 30, 2014 | 2:45 PM


- World energy geopolitics tied to North American energy
- Shale gas revolution has yet to reach emerging markets
- Shale gas revolution can only reach to the rest if North America acts as a single energy market

The future of energy sources and it's...

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Rise of Eurasianism through institutions: the CICA as the OSCE of Eurasia

(0) Comments | Posted June 11, 2010 | 12:17 PM

Leaders from about 40 countries across Eurasia and the Middle East including Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Syrian President Bashar al Assad and Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich. gathered in Istanbul this week (June 6-9)...

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Eurasian Geopolitics and Energy Security Deserves More Attention

(0) Comments | Posted February 15, 2010 | 5:45 AM

The 2007 and 2009 energy crises between Russia and Ukraine, which had major implications across Europe, have shown that energy supply security is also closely associated with the national security of a country.

Following the end of the Cold-War, the transformation of Eurasian countries, accompanied by frozen conflicts and...

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Who's Losing Turkey?

(5) Comments | Posted November 17, 2009 | 10:03 PM

There is a heated debate within media and academic circles as to whether Turkey is leaving the West and forging closer ties with countries such as Russia and Iran. In order to understand the issue better, one has to understand the deep frustration of Turkish people with the E.U. and...

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