07/20/2011 05:29 pm ET | Updated Sep 19, 2011

Satirical Cooking Show Aims To Help First Lady's Food Cause

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By: Kai Hsing

What if we all had to buy our groceries at the local convenience store? For about 23.5 million people in the U.S.—according to census data—who live in neighborhoods without easy access to fresh food, or "food deserts," this is often a day-to-day reality.

Today, First Lady Michelle Obama launched another phase of her Let's Move! campaign that will help businesses in these so-called food deserts sell healthier food.

Naturally, we thought it appropriate to launch our five-part web series "Hungry in the Hood," in honor of the occasion.

Hungry in the Hood: Jerky-au-feu from Turnstyle Video on Vimeo.

These webisodes take a farcical look at what "interesting" culinary delights are possible using food often found on convenience store shelves. Yes, we hope you find it as absurd as we do.

Obama aims to eliminate food deserts in the U.S. so people will not have to resort to following our twisted recipes.

The Let's Move! initiative even made a nifty "Food Desert Locator", based on census data, that helps:

  • locate food-deserts in the U.S.
  • show population characteristics of those living in food deserts
  • offer data that can be downloaded for community planning and/or research

In this episode of "Hungry in the Hood," we show you our version of the French classic dish, pot-au-feu.

[Editor's note: These recipes have been concocted for your amusement and reflection.]

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