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[VIDEO] Occupy The Hood: Getting More People Of Color To Occupy Wall Street

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Originally published on, Turnstyle News' special coverage page of original, multimedia reporting on the Occupy Wall Street movement. Also in RSS form>>

By: Adele Pham


Photo Credit: ADELE PHAM/Turnstyle News

On September 17, 2011, scores of protesters descended on Liberty Plaza in Lower Manhattan to rally against corporate America through a movement called Occupy Wall Street. Since then, rallies have been organized, support has been acquired, and crowds have grown.

But a portion of America is still looking for representation among the thousands. Occupy The Hood, a movement led by a man named Malik, hopes to attract minorities across America to participate in the Occupy Wall Street protests that have recently gained huge momentum.

With a staggering unemployment rate holding steady at 16.1 percent among blacks, and an 11.3 percent unemployment rate among Latinos in the United States, Occupy The Hood hopes to create awareness regarding a pressing question: Why aren't more people of color representing, and contributing, to the growing movement? See Adele Pham's video on Turnstyle News.

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