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Deepak Chopra


Oprah Winfrey and I in India

Deepak Chopra | Posted June 25, 2012

It was several months ago that I received a text on my blackberry from Oprah with a short message, "Call me!"  I was in a dinner meeting and left briefly to call her.  Oprah picked up the phone and said, "I hear you are going to India and I would like to join you there and do an interview as well."  So began our adventure.
Zach Stafford


Uh-oh, RuPaul's Drag Race Finalist Sharon Needles May Have Said Something Racist

Zach Stafford | Posted November 15, 2012

Sharon Needles has come under fire for a Facebook comment she appears to have made in February that has emerged and begun circulating around the Internet. Though there has been no official response from Needles, this could very well impact her image as fans vote.
Vanessa Berben


Mad Men Flounder as Their Women Flex Their Wings

Vanessa Berben | Posted June 25, 2012

I couldn't help but think about the feminist movement of the '60s as I watched all of this week's episode of Mad Men.
Samantha Zalaznick


Mad Men Recap: Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out

Samantha Zalaznick | Posted June 25, 2012

He expected her to wait for him, but she's a modern woman and she can get home on her own. It's telling that she doesn't expect him to come back for her, or does she just not want to be there when he does?
Maureen Ryan


HBO's 'Girls' Isn't Racist, Television Is Racist (And Sexist)

Maureen Ryan | Posted June 25, 2012

Why are there so many stories about "Girls," of which we've seen exactly two episodes? Where are all the pieces taking television studios and networks to task for commissioning shows created and run by middle-aged, upper-middle-class, heterosexual white men?
Dan Renzi


The 8 Nastiest Reality TV Villains

Dan Renzi | Posted June 25, 2012

Here are the best of the worst, the most dangerous of villains, the nastiest players whose tactics would make even Machiavelli himself blush.
Daniel Souweine


The Discovery Channel's Shameful Self-Censorship

Daniel Souweine | Posted June 25, 2012

But there was one thing missing from the final installment of Frozen Planet: in 45 minutes, not a word was uttered about why all that Arctic ice is melting. Discovery has admitted to wanting to avoid criticism from climate change deniers.
Warren Leight


Law & Order: SVU -- A Look Inside the Season

Warren Leight | Posted June 25, 2012

Sometimes we were ripping from the headlines, but just as often it felt like the headlines were ripping from us. Either way, we were trying to explore issues that were increasingly in the zeitgeist.
Marianne Schnall


Exclusive Conversation Between Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra

Marianne Schnall | Posted June 25, 2012

In this interview, taped in India, Dr. Chopra talks about his ground-breaking work in the field of mind-body medicine, the lessons he's learned from his parents and family, the influence that India's rich cultural traditions have had on his journey.
Crystal Bell


'Glee' Recap: Whitney Houston Episode Makes Everyone 'So Emotional'

Crystal Bell | Posted June 24, 2012

In Glee's Whitney Houston tribute, Blaine gets 'So Emotional,' Brittany just wants to 'Dance With Somebody, Kurt's questioning his 'Greatest Love of All,' and Mr. Schue is just plain crazy.