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Watch With G.L.O.C.: Girls (Episode 9)

G.L.O.C. | Posted June 14, 2012

When it appeared on the screen, I was convinced the name "Tally Schifrin" was a secret code -- an anagram for something important Girls was trying to tell me: Elvis lives? I buried Paul? Eye cream really is a scam?? Turns out Tally is just a former writing colleague of...

Brad Spirrison

Disney's App Deal With Comcast a Preview of Things to Come

Brad Spirrison | Posted June 14, 2012

Disney this week unveiled three new video streaming apps for iOS devices. While WATCH Disney Channel, WATCH Disney XD and WATCH Disney Junior are restricted to Comcast cable subscribers who have those channels in their programming package, the deal between the two companies is an appetizer for how major entertainment...

Sydney Levin

'Teen Mom' Season 4 Premiere: No Pain, No Gain

Sydney Levin | Posted June 14, 2012

Take a look at the news. Wars are raging. There's proof that a dingo really did eat that woman's baby. But worst of all, there's been a blistering drought: a drought of "Teen Mom." After nine long months, your thirst is being quenched -- so I hope you take yours...

Robert Gagnier

Jeopardy! Contestants Seek Game Show Gold

Robert Gagnier | Posted June 14, 2012

All it took was one phone call from Jeopardy! Senior Publicity Coordinator Susie Eun, and I was off and running recently to catch up with Glenn Kagan and some new potential Jeopardy! candidates who were already in a neat formal line, ready for their 9 a.m. session to begin. These...

Maggie Furlong

'Suits' On USA: 5 Reasons To Watch Summer's Smartest Returning Show

Maggie Furlong | Posted June 14, 2012

suits jacidina barrett

I don't get hooked on too many summer shows -- it's just a fact -- but "Suits" is decidedly different.

With its second season (premieres Thurs., June 14, 10 p.m. ET on USA), the sophomore legal drama is picking up right...