November 26, 2014

Gadgets Are the Only Gift Worth Giving This Xmas

Let's tech the halls and rediscover the meaning of this Holiday Season: syncing cables, account passwords, software updates and blinking screens in the pews at midnight mass. Because the only gift worth giving this year has a USB charging port.


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Boris' Sister 'Calls' Cameron An ‘Egg Faced C***' On Twitter

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Incredible Things Happen In GTA 5 When You Do Nothing


Facebook 'Could Have Made A Difference' To Prevent Lee Rigby's Murder


'Star Trek Force Field' Discovered Around Earth


US Military Fights To Stop Your Car Being Hacked While You're Driving It

dolgachov via Getty Images

Scientists Want To Turn The UK Into A Giant WiFi Hotspot

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This £900 Speaker Redecorates Your Entire Room


This Underwater City Could Be Real In 15 Years

Shimizu Corporation

Why Is The Xbox One So Big? This Is Why...

Museum Had Been Sitting On New Dinosaur For 75 Years

University of Bath

Jiro Bevis On Why He'll Be Ditching The Traditional Pen

Vivek Vadoliya

Tesco's Blinkbox Just Got Much Better

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Meet Samantha Cristoforetti, Italy's First Woman In Space

Twitter/Sam Cristoforetti

The CIA Has Made A Rather Disturbing Request

Danita Delimont via Getty Images

Spotify ISN'T Your Only Option For Streaming Music

Blend Images/Hill Street Studios via Getty Images

The Robot Revolution Has Started


HuffPost How To: Learn To Draw With Creative Tech

mediaphotos via Getty Images
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11 questions to ask when you buy a new soundsystem

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