December 18, 2014

Gadgets Are the Only Gift Worth Giving This Xmas

Let's tech the halls and rediscover the meaning of this Holiday Season: syncing cables, account passwords, software updates and blinking screens in the pews at midnight mass. Because the only gift worth giving this year has a USB charging port.

Why Buy This TV? Watch The Star Wars Trailer And You'll Understand

Star Wars Sony X85
Sony/Walt Disney

'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2' Is A Fake


Mystery Plane Lands After Four Hours Circling The English Channel


'You Will Not Receive A Selfie!' Megatron Berates Fan In Hilarious Rant


Google Finally Fixes Ian 'H' Watkins Image Search Confusion


This Machine Is The Solution To Retro Gaming


Life On Mars Finally Proven By Gas. Well Maybe...

World Perspectives via Getty Images

These UFOs Really WERE Too Good To Be True

Ann Cutting via Getty Images

This Bullet Can Change Direction


2015 Predicted To Be The Year Of The 'Neo Luddite'

Winai_Tepsuttinun via Getty Images

Nintendo's Next Console Could Be Its Strangest

TORU YAMANAKA via Getty Images

This Is The Tech That'll Be Big In 2015


These Microscopic Photos Show An Alien World

Dr. Igor Siwanowicz

This Is Not A Van Gogh. It Is The Galaxy.


What's Your Favourite Work Of Art of 2014?

Leon Keer

Apple Won't Be Paying That $1bn iTunes Fine

Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive

This Is What We Know So Far About Life On Mars

Stocktrek via Getty Images

These Are The Unsung Tech Heroes Of 2014

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Learning To Draw Using Just An iPad

Thomas Tamblyn/Huffington Post UK

People WERE Awesome In 2014