July 31, 2016

This Pokemon Proposal Is All Kinds Of Adorable

Foxhound91 / Reddit

Shocking Your Brain While Asleep Could Actually Improve Your Memory

Screengrab: UNC School of Medicine, YouTube.

This Huge Mystery Fireball Was Spotted Across Three US States


These Incredible Flying River Taxis Could Solve Paris's Congestion Crisis

Sea Bubbles

This iTunes Email Scam Looks So Authentic It's Catching People Out

Mike Segar / Reuters

WhatsApp Chats Aren't Being Deleted, Even When You've Deleted Them

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Apple Has Sold A BILLION iPhones: That's An iPhone For Every Seventh Person On The Planet

Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Jupiter's Great Red Spot Is Actually Heating The Entire Planet

Art by Karen Teramura, UH IfA with James O’Donoghue and Luke Moore

Microsoft Has Made The Camera App It Thinks Your iPhone Deserves


This Company Wants You To Grow Your Meat In A Machine At Home...

Screengrab: SuperMeat, YouTube

Meet Hadrian X: The Robot That Can Build An Entire House In Two Days

Fastbrick Robotics

Car Accidents Are The Biggest Killer Of Young People And Our Tech Is Partly To Blame

Jordan Siemens via Getty Images

Hiroshima: Remove Pokemon Go From The Atom Bomb Memorial

Jean Chung via Getty Images

This Unprecedented Alzheimer's Drug Could Slow The Disease By 80 Per Cent

Colin Gray via Getty Images

The Key To Fighting Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs Could Lie In Your Snot

RunPhoto via Getty Images

This Mysterious Purple 'Blob' Found Underwater Is Baffling Scientists

E/V Nautilus
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