September 30, 2014
Design Innovation 2014
The 2014 T3 Awards are almost here. Check out the nominees for the Design Innovation Award (and some of the coolest products of the year in their own right) here.

Apple, U2 And The Importance Of Letting Us Choose Which Music To Subjectively Despise

Music is subjective. It is deeply personal. And this is why the Apple-U2 debacle is so weird. Because it feels like Apple forgot how important this stuff actually is.

Five Days With The World's Squarest Phone

The Huffington Post UK

Mystery On Saturn's Moon As Massive Shape 'Evolves' On Camera


Kids 'Bend iPhone 6 To Destruction' In Apple Store, Post The Video On YouTube


Man Shuts Down Airport With An iPad... By Accident

Bernhard Lang via Getty Images

Firefighters Save Hamsters With Tiny Gas Masks

Lacey Fire Department

Families 'Gave Up Kids For WiFi' After Signing (But Not Reading) Obscure T&Cs

Frank May/DPA

A Surprising Number Of People Think This Comet Is An Alien Warship


Windows Is Changing (Again) And This Is What's New


This 'Bend Proof' iPhone 6 Case Will Cost You $2,000


Signs Of Organic Chemistry Found At The Centre Of The Galaxy

Ebay Breaks Up With PayPal

Wong Maye-E/AP

Watching Two AI Chatbots Argue About Life Is Hypnotic


CGI Has Come Way TOO Far


Apple Launches Fix For Macs Over Shellshock Fears


GoPro's New Cameras Will Dominate Another Year Of Viral Videos


So There's Going To Be A 'Tetris' Movie

pialhovik via Getty Images

Apple's Irish Tax Deal Might Be 'State Aid' Says EU


Yes, Someone Made 'Street Fighter' With Angry Goats

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This Retro Rave Suit Is A Stroke Of Genius

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