October 4, 2015

Tory Party Conference Targeted By Brutally Honest Charity Campaign


'Leave School At 16 And See The World'

Mark Lennihan/AP

How This Plymouth Student Plans To Cure Your Hangovers

PeopleImages.com via Getty Images

Oxford Uni's 'No Offence' Magazine Banned By SU Incase It... 'Causes Offence'

Epics via Getty Images

Police 'Safety Posters' For Fresher's Week Accused Of 'Victim Blaming'

Essex Police

Deloitte Doesn't Give A Damn Where Job Applicants Went To University

Buero Monaco via Getty Images

Some Students Are Paying Up To £21,000 A MONTH For Luxury Accomodation


Two Men Charged After Three Sex Assaults Near Cardiff University Over Just Five Days

© Commission Air / Alamy

You Know London's Too Expensive When It's Cheaper To Commute From Poland

muratart via Getty Images

British Student Killed In New Zealand Kayaking Accident

DEA / N. CIRANI via Getty Images

Teen Contracts Hepatitis After Drinking Chinese Green Tea

Spaces Images via Getty Images

Who Says Young People Are Apathetic About Politics? Meet The Rising Stars

Getty Images/PA

Met Police Pays Out £50k To Student Brothers Involved In 2010 London Protests

Channel 4 News

International Students Filmed Praising Chinese President Xi Jinping In Bizarre Video


Half Of Young Women Feel Unsafe When Alone In Parks

boggy22 via Getty Images

Teenage Bodybuilder Dies After Heart Swells To Twice Average Size

Andrej Gajdos/Instagram

Student Accused Of Terrorism After Reading A Textbook About Terrorism For His Counter-Terrorism Course

David Sillitoe for the Guardian

UK Students Banned From Applying For Medicine Course At Lancashire Uni - As It's Only Open To Foreigners

Spencer Rowell via Getty Images
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Why Having A Degree Is Much More Valuable If You're Female

David Cheskin/PA Wire

A Fresher's Guide To Bristol University

Richard Cummins via Getty Images

British Universities Are Offering Syrian Refugees Scholarships

David Wilcock/PA Wire

That's Definitely Not Nelson Mandela


The 9 Types Of People You'll Meet In Student Accommodation

monkeybusinessimages via Getty Images

Meet The Young Woman Making Compostable Tents To Help 'Save The Planet'

Five Things You Need To Know About The Bullingdon Club

John Bowen via Getty Images

Here Are The Real Reasons Behind Why 83,000 Young People Are Made Homeless Every Year


10 Times Student Society Initiation Events Got Way Out Of Hand