09/24/2010 01:27 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Life Lessons From Bugs Bunny: Part II

Some people have found themselves heavily influenced by such iconic philosophical figures as Socrates, Plato, Kierkegaard, Kant or Thoreau. Others find comfort in the words of Emerson, Gandhi or Lao Tzu. For me there has been only one personality over the years that has remained transfixed in sheer perfection, one voice that comes piercing through the illusion of daily life and its challenges. The one that has always been there for me: Bugs Bunny, my ultimate philosopher of choice!

Aside from always getting in the last word, Bugs consistently comes through every convoluted situation an animated imagination can throw at him, completely unscathed, never any worse for the wear, never a hare out of place, perennially smiling and ever optimistic. After a lifetime of studying various philosophical traditions, I still have not found a better embodiment of transcendent wisdom than Bugs. The "Buddha of Burbank" has taught me everything I needed to know about wisdom to achieve complete sage-like Enlightenment.

16. Trust your instincts, and never panic when life goes off its expected course.
Life is not always predictable and does not always unfold as planned. Bugs knows how to trust his instincts. He never misses the opportunity to see and experience life for the adventure that it is. Bugs accepts every present moment as he finds it. He knows how to keep his head, ask for directions, and when in doubt, make that left turn at Albuquerque.

17. Remember to relax and enjoy the moment.
There will always be people running around madly, chasing their tails, screaming incessantly and pulling their hare out. Bugs always remembers to relax while all those around him are losing their heads. He never misses an opportunity to relax, enjoy the present and let life happen. Bugs lets everyone else get caught up in the rat race, because he is too busy being happy and enjoying the moment.

18. Don't focus on the Bull or give it your power.

No life is immune to a load of Bull that can come charging from nowhere directly at us. Bugs never gives his power away to the Bull. He is aware it is there, threatening in its Bullish ways, yet Bugs always remains above the fray, beyond the Bull and focused on the truth. Bugs never buys into the Bull or lets it run him over. Bugs knows how to let the Bull, "talk to the paw."

19. If it is not your problem, don't make it your problem.

Bugs knows there are plenty of people who get upset, because he is relaxed and enjoying life. Bugs does not take on other people's problems. If Bugs doesn't have a problem with it, then it is not his problem. And if you try to make it Bugs' problem, be prepared to hear him say, "You know of course this means war!" Then watch out, because whatever happens next, Bugs is going to walk away with a song in his heart and a smile on his face.

20. Dare to be yourself. Dare to be different. Dare to live fearlessly.
Bugs is always a one-of-a-kind. Bugs finds a point of balance and expression that his uniquely his own. Bugs marches to his own drummer. Surfs his own wave. Dances to his own beat. Instead of worrying about the possibility of failure, Bugs is always true to himself, his passion and commitment to life. Bugs is an original.

21. Life's too short, and so is Elmer.
Every day of Bugs' life is rich with friends, laughter, joy, happiness and celebration. Bugs does not wait for the party to come to him; Bugs is the party. Bugs understands that happiness is a choice, and he makes that choice every moment of every day and invites every one to join him. Bugs lives each day to its fullest, sees every day as a gift, and never forgets to be grateful for all he has been given.

22. Make new and interesting friends.
Bugs practices making himself available to meet new and unusual people, always widening his circle of friends, considering other points of view. Like any sage master Bugs practices unconditional acceptance and allows others to be who they are without conforming to his agenda or expectations. Bugs does not even care if his friends are from the same planet or not ... now that is unconditional acceptance at its Universal finest.

23. Give life everything you've got.
Bugs never holds back anything. Bugs is the original "go big or go home" Buddha. Bugs throws himself completely into every aspect of life, no matter what the position or what inning it is. There is nothing on this Bunny's deathbed that he is going to regret. Bugs has a life well lived and well worth living. If life is a game of baseball, Bugs knows how to "be the ball."

24. Be creative!
Creativity is how we grow and personally evolve. It is how we create a new response to old limiting issues. Bugs is the fur-covered master of creativity and creative expression. Every time Bugs asks us, "What's up Doc?" he is inviting us into a creative frame of mind. Practicing creativity routinely insures we will have the skill when we need it. Whether it is drawing, singing, dancing or growing your own carrots, these simple actions help keep our creative muscles strong and well developed. When it comes to living a creative life, clearly Bugs is the poster Bunny, showing us all how it is done and having a great time doing it.

These musings have helped bring me some profound improvements to the quality of my life with the least amount of effort! Learn more here and remember, radiant health and a balanced lifestyle start and build on itself with every choice we make.