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Valerie Easton

Blog Entries by Valerie Easton

Vegetable Garden Phenomena

Posted July 17, 2010 | 03:30:34 (EST)

2010-07-17-RSsign.jpg"We've become disconnected from the source of our food, and I hope to change that," says Camille LaTray, proprietress of Raven and the Spade, a two-and-a-half acre organic vegetable garden on Whidbey Island in Washington state.

At her property, which has become...

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Are Your Vegetables Multi-Tasking??

Posted June 23, 2010 | 11:54:04 (EST)

2010-06-23-purplepeas7.jpgIt was an ornate urn planted up with a bunch of rainbow chard that first alerted me to the ornamental possibilities of edibles. Placed where the sun glowed through the chard's luminous, multi-colored stems, the pot was a startlingly gorgeous centerpiece of a...

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Urban Agriculture Booms in Seattle

Posted April 30, 2010 | 02:11:27 (EST)

Driven by a passion seen all over town, from burgeoning P-Patches to residents cultivating forsaken bits of soil, Seattle's officials have declared 2010 the Year of Urban Agriculture. With parking strips sprouting raised beds, productive gardens replacing lawns, and even a "dating" service called Urban Garden Share that...

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Is Tim Burton a Gardener?

Posted April 12, 2010 | 19:20:17 (EST)

Gardeners, or anyone interested in plants, will love the new movie version of "Alice in Wonderland". Is Tim Burton a gardener? Somehow I doubt it, but he must be a worshiper of the Goddess Flora. From formal gardens to the jungle-like scenes when Alice is at her tiniest, flora is...

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Sustainable Gardens: Really?

Posted April 1, 2010 | 19:19:02 (EST)

I've always thought of sustainability, as it pertains to home gardens, as meaning not much more than good organic gardening practices. Feed the soil, put plants in places where they'll thrive naturally, eschew chemicals, pull weeds by hand... all those basic, common sense ways to garden in tune with earth's...

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Outdoor Rooms are In

Posted February 26, 2010 | 13:58:28 (EST)

Most of us are lured into gardening by the siren song of plants, in all their fragrant, flowery seductiveness. But plants don't make the garden. They're just one element among many others - paving, furniture, art - that go into creating comfortable and inviting outdoor spaces.

So move your...

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Update Your Garden for Spring... What's Modern Now?

Posted February 10, 2010 | 21:03:23 (EST)

The East coast is digging out, California drying out, and the Northwest basking in a spring so early that the Winter Olympics are bereft of snow. No matter the weather, gardeners are busy perusing catalogs and planning their gardens for the coming season.

Have you ever thought about how...

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Trend-Spotting at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show

Posted February 2, 2010 | 22:20:53 (EST)

Got chickens? Fowl in the garden is only one of a torrent of trends on display at the country's third largest garden show. Starting tomorrow and running through February 7 in the Convention Center in downtown Seattle, the Northwest Flower and Garden Show injects a little color and...

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Hot Fruit and Vegetables for 2010

Posted January 30, 2010 | 17:43:42 (EST)

Growing food is gardening's hottest trend. Here's a look at what's new for 2010, along with tips for success with edibles:

From Raintree Nursery, in Morton, Washington, 1-800-391-8892

Blueberry 'Draper' is sturdy and compact, ideal for smaller gardens, with pretty yellow fall foliage. Its fruit is...

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The Weed-Free Sanctuary Garden

Posted January 26, 2010 | 19:58:10 (EST)


For too long gardeners have thought of nature as something to prune, control, mow and trim. To our detriment, we've overlooked nature's ability to soothe, renew and nurture humans as she does the rest of the living creatures on earth. Nature's ability to work...

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Simplify Your Gardening Life

Posted January 19, 2010 | 17:43:11 (EST)

2010-01-19-Picture2.pngAnna Wintour, the venerable editor of Vogue, announced last spring that this is not the time to be "too Dubai." Like fashion, our gardens are overdue for the ease and simplification Wintour is calling for.

I had...

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