11/30/2011 06:16 pm ET | Updated Jan 30, 2012

Countdown to Look Hot in Your LBD

With LBD season just around the bend, women worldwide are looking for quick-fixes to slim down and glam up. After all, who has time to diet? Certainly not the average American juggling a hectic work schedule with meals on the go.

This year, I've selected the crème de la crème of my healthy living tips to give you the red carpet glow without sweating it out at the gym. Follow these golden rules for the next month, and you're bound to look and feel your best when it's party time!

Downsize to keep your eye on the prize! Buy that coveted LBD in one size smaller than your current size, and hang it up in your bathroom or bedroom, for you to see every day. Keeping it visually present will help keep your goal in sight and your motivation high!

Burn off the bulge. Do it like the French and squeeze in 30 minutes of walking on an empty stomach every day. Walking on empty draws energy from the body's sugar stores, thus burning fat from targeted trouble zones and accentuating your assets! *This fitness secret has been supported in several studies.

Glow in your LBD! Start your day with this phytochemical-rich morning detox: Juice one apple, a handful of spinach, one celery stalk, four strawberries, one carrot, and one slice of fresh ginger. You'll get a fresh dewy complexion, plus boost your love factor with the ginger's aphrodisiac virtues!

Get the Pippa Butt Lift! Stand up straight and bend your knees slightly. Keeping your abs tight and your back straight (no arching), tilt your hips forward while contracting your glutes for a strong one-second squeeze. Finish the move by pulling your hips back. You can do this exercise while brushing your teeth! We spend an average of six minutes a day brushing our teeth -- that's 42 minutes per week of butt squeezes, the equivalent of a booty class at the gym without the sweat!

Snack smart. Eat pure protein first (vegetable protein such as hummus or animal protein like fish) -- before your carbs -- so that your body gets what it needs instead of storing your meal as fat. On the go? Keep a supply of turkey jerky in your handbag for when hunger hits. Protein-rich and satisfying, chewing jerky will give your brain the time it needs to register you're full before you indulge in anything else!

Boost your bust Keep your breasts perky with just one minute of chest presses a day: Starting with your arms at chest level, squeeze your palms together in a push and release motion, continuously moving your arms up as you squeeze, until they're high above your head. Do 100 reps to help firm the supporting tissue around the breasts and sculpt your bosom to its sexiest.

Drink before you dine. Feeling peckish? Drink a venti hot tea first, and then check five minutes later if you are still truly hungry. Since your stomach is about the size of a venti beverage, chances are you won't feel hungry anymore (unless it is authentic hunger pangs).

Use the stairs to strut your stuff! Get killer thighs -- even in your heels! Take the stairs whenever the opportunity arises, and when you do, take them two at a time. Double steps increase the load on your quadriceps and glutes, effortlessly toning up your thighs and butt for the big day.

Get the iconic Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's look. Go for a 100 percent raw breakfast to rock the dress that rocked the nation: ten sprouted almonds (soaked in water overnight) plus one pink grapefruit plus one banana plus berries to satisfy.

Yes, the LBD countdown is on! But don't let the time pressure drive you to another tempting fad diet: those solutions will get you in the dress -- but for one night only -- with the pounds creeping right back on after the ball drops.

Instead, follow my proven slim-down secrets, so that when you slip into your little black dress, you can take pleasure in the knowledge that you'll be looking this hot all year long.