07/28/2014 12:24 pm ET Updated Sep 27, 2014

The Expert Factor


I'm at an edge. It's a place between what I'm hungry for and where I am now. It's a familiar place and it makes me itch. This time though I finally see the pattern that I'm supposed to learn.

Up until recently, when faced with an edge, I would abandon myself and make someone else's truth more significant than my own. I would feel the fear of being at an edge and not knowing what was on the other side and I'd spin. I would crave certainty and want to control the outcome. I would doubt myself. Feeling unsure, I'd sabotage my own inner wisdom and guidance. I would seek opinions, draw comparisons, think others were right and adapt and fit in with their way.

I now see where the pattern came from. I grew up in a time where worth was based on what others might think, evaluated by levels and measures and needing to make the grade to prove yourself capable of opportunity. Intuition was never witnessed or acknowledged. Regurgitating outside-in knowledge was highly coveted.

This time around as I stand at the edge, I finally see what's missing. It's not external knowledge because no outside expert can take me to where I need to go. I need to guide myself home to that place inside where I know my truth is enough, my voice deserves to be heard and my insight is innately valuable, just like yours is.

In this world of information overload, I believe we're losing touch with the one thing that can help us claim our leadership... ourselves. I see that over my 46 years, I'm finally becoming an expert in myself. All I have to do is slow down enough, tune out of the rhythm of the world and connect to my own wisdom.

My job is simple: to take charge and be myself. The journey is to come back into harmony with myself, with patience and kindness. It doesn't matter what went on before, what matters now is allowing my heart to take charge and lead. The only expert that's required is the one within.

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