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Ann Romney Beats Michelle Obama in Race to Good Morning America Co-Host Chair

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By Julie Miller, Vanity Fair; photograph by Justin Bishop


Ann Romney, the most/only sympathetic component of the Romney presidential campaign, is scheduled to guest-host Good Morning America on October 10th, filling in for anchor Robin Roberts. The bold Romney campaign decision comes just hours after Mitt Romney, according to most pundits, won the first presidential debate this election season, name-checked Big Bird, and effectively killed moderator Jim Lehrer's spirit. If Ann Romney performs well on the two-hour ABC morning show, it could signal further momentum for her husband's flub-prone campaign.

In recent weeks, Ann Romney's relationship with press has been just so-so: eight days ago, she attempted to humanize her husband during an appearance on the Tonight Show, telling Jay Leno, "He's a workaholic at work, and when he comes home he's a playaholic." And shortly before that, during a radio interview in Iowa, she scolded press -- the very ranks she will be joining October 10th! -- for scrutinizing her husband: "Stop it. This is hard. You want to try it? Get in the ring ... This is hard ..."

Lest you think that Romney is out-good-willing the First Lady, the Hollywood Reporter notes that Michelle Obama is also in discussions to co-host Good Morning America. Per a recent G.M.A. episode guest-hosted by Jessica Simpson, duties of proxy anchors include laughing frequently and discussing the 40 to 50 pounds they gained during their last pregnancy.

Still, this is only the second-most surprising host announcement to arrive this week, as the Internet continues to debate the viability of Monday's Oscar-host revelation -- Seth MacFarlane.

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